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67 reviews

Ilary is definitely a scent you will never forget. It smells absolutely amazing. It feels like a silky blanket wrapped around me like a hug. Will definitely purchase again.


The fragrance is floral and bright, but deep and musky, all at once, in the best way. It’s fresh, with a really great balance. The scent lasted all day, and was never overpowering. I get instant headaches with a lot of fragrances. I tend to think that most things come across manufactured, over done, and I usually avoid them all together. I have only ever loved one perfume. I took a chance on Ilary, and I’m really really wowed with how much I like it.

Perfect Fragrance

I am that person who hates when people impose their fragrance on you. I'm a hard no on perfumes generally. But I had heard about this one and thought I would try it. It is absolutely the most perfect fragrance. The roll on application makes sure to target the pulse points or get just the right amount. It stays all day. I love when I get a whiff of it on me. Now I have bought it for my sister and a couple of friends.

Ilary Deluxe Sample 3 ml
Kellyanne Swensen

I fell in love with this fragrance the moment I smelled it. Magical & intoxicating unlike any other scent. My husband loves it too.

Smells so good!

Tried the sample size first, and this is my new fav!!