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Ilary Deluxe Sample 3 ml

$ 17.00

Believing that the right combination of fragrant notes can ignite the most “fabulous” smell on every woman, ILARY combines a delicate balance of Vegan oils and light floral notes to create a soft, yet sexy, clean scent that delightfully envelopes the senses.

Each 3 mL deluxe sample is handcrafted and made to order in our Chicago studio. ILARY is an exotic blend of Jasmine, Sandalwood, Musk, Ebony Wood, and Orange Blossom.

You can try ILARY in a 3mL deluxe glass vial and experience the MAGIC!

Limit, one sample per customer.
*FREE SHIPPING ON SAMPLE ORDERS ONLY (applies to orders shipping within USA)

*We do not accept returns on samples

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Linnea True

I feel that most perfumes are over done, heavy on chemicals and often induce an instant headache. Ilary is light but deep, floral and sweet, but musky and earthy. It’s balanced, now overpowering, and last through the day. I have only ever loved one other perfume, and this may just be my second love.

Kellyanne Swensen

I fell in love with this fragrance the moment I smelled it. Magical & intoxicating unlike any other scent. My husband loves it too.

Deborah Rose
Fabulous Scent

I love this scent SO much. I am really glad I took the chance and ordered it. I am SO picky when it comes to scents - most are too heavy , too deep… I like something lighter and fresher, like this! I will be purchasing more! Thank you.

Pamela Stanberry

I have not worn fragrances in years. Kaley Cuoco raved about it in insta. I thought, why not try it? It is amazing. I love it! Thanks

mary ann kempner
Love it!!

Even though I got a sample, I find myself putting it on my wrists every day! When my sample runs out I will save up and get the next size up.


Let customers speak for us

71 reviews
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hillary schneider
Best scent ever!!!

I have never had more compliments on a fragrance. I literally get stopped whenever I go! You have a customer for life!

Just lovely

This scent is soothing to me. I rarely wore perfume daily, this is the exception and I just received my second order. I even roll it in my pillow case it’s so dreamy.

This is not for anyone but me...

I’ve been wearing this scent for years and love it more than anything else i’ve ever worn. I would love for this company to be hugely successful but selfishly I want to keep it a hidden secret. I have the perfume and candle. Both gifts from a dear friend who introduced me to the scent and has been wearing it for longer than me. Honestly it’s just fantastic and delicious and perfect. But it’s for me…. not sure it’s for you… hahahaha

I’m a HUGE fan!

Ive been wearing the fragrance for years. I’m always receiving compliments on how clean and fresh smelling the fragrance is! Long lasting on the skin!
Simply the best!

Kaley Cuoco made me do it

Who buys perfume without smelling it?? Let alone not even trying it on your own self first?! Me. I did. Bc Kaley Cuoco said it smelled like gardenias in the summer. I know, so silly of me to be targeted on instagram (she did say it wasn't sponsored...I think...) but I am happy to report, this new scent of mine is now my daily go-to. I love it and putting it on after a hot shower before I go out on date night gives me all the nostalgia feels of growing up watching my mother get ready for her dinner parties. Thank you ILARY!

p.s. you probably already know this but my only knock is packaging. Mine came in a make-shift box. Literally. Someone chopped a USPS express box in half and folded it up, albeit quite methodically, stuffed it in there with all kinds of wrapping and fluff. I want Kaley Cuoco level packaging next time I order. Less waste, aka no need for that tiny "velvet" bag, and make it feel more expensive...because its worth it and first impressions are a big deal.