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Try ILARY now, you can thank us later ! We're escaping to the beach! Please note that all orders placed between 8/3-/8/15 will ship out on 8/16! Happy Summer!

Believing that the right combination of fragrant notes can ignite the most “fabulous” scent on every woman, ILARY combines a delicate balance of oils and light floral notes to create a soft, yet sexy, clean scent that delightfully envelopes the senses. Shop Ilary Now.

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    Magic in a bottle. The perfect fragrance for your next escape.

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    Infusing our intoxicating ILARY fragrance into our signature LOVE logo candle.


    ILARY is the opus of creator Hillary Schneiders quest to package her own personal “Love Potion Number Nine” and share it with women everywhere. After being stopped on a daily basis with the same comment, “WHAT is that perfume you have on? YOU smell amazing!”, Hillary designed ILARY, a complex mixture of vegan layered oils that when worn makes every woman magnetic.

    ILARY is MAGIC in a roll-on perfume that combines an exotic blend of Jasmine, Sandalwood, Musk, Ebony Wood, and Orange Blossom to elusively marry soft and feminine with clean and herbal. This signature blend of vegan oils gives ILARY a slightly varied yet equally intoxicating aura on each woman who wears it.

    ILARY is designed in a beautiful emerald and gold bottle with a convenient roller-ball applicator which allows you to apply just a dab of oil to last you from morning to night. Our fragrance is packaged in a small gold satin bag that fits perfectly into even the smallest handbag or clutch.


    Let customers speak for us

    80 reviews
    My new favorite scent!

    I love this scent! It is long lasting and so fresh and clean. I’ll definitely be ordering a full-size and it will be my new go-to that I’ll carry with me.

    Perfume sample size

    Love it
    Will definitely order the regular size!
    Shipping was fast!


    I couldn’t be happier with this scent. I’m really sensitive to strong perfumes and this little bottle is magic: citrusy and spicy and feminine, all at the same time. Dream fragrance!

    Smells delightful

    Greatest oil

    Smells yummy on everyone !