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"My own personal love potion, attention is an understatement" x, Al

"I've used your fragrance, and your fragrance only, for the last 6 years - I love it!” - Katie

"You would not believe how many people remark on the scent and enquire about it. It’s great having discovered such a secret gem." - Una

"I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your scent!!!! Every time I wear it, without fail, someone compliments me on how I smell…."you always smell so good!" Just thought I'd tell you!" Thanks - Allyson

"I first smelled your scent on a parent whose child is in my class. I LOVED the scent. I asked her about it and she told me about your wonderful product. I purchased your parfum online. I was do thrilled when it arrived. I rolled it on right away and have been getting compliments ever since. I always carry it with me because every woman who smells it on me also loves your scent and asks me about it. I pull it out of my purse to show them the roll-on parfum which always leads to the inevitable question, "May I try it?"
I always share it with them so they can try it for themselves. I can't tell you how many women, with whom I share my parfum, end up purchasing your lovely scent in the roll-on parfum. My bottle is now almost empty. Recently, I saw the parent who first shared it with me. When I showed her how little was left, she said,"That is because you always let everyone try yours." Thank you again - Eileen

"To whom it may concern,
I just HAD to write you.... My dear friend let me try ILARY one night when I was looking to change up my bond #9 Astor place...I was immediately in LOVE with the intoxicating fragrance that lingered and didn't wear of as some perfumes do. Also, I can NOT even begin to count how many people complimented me on the scent! BRAVO!!!" Thanks - Susan

"If you ever discontinue Ilary – I will die!!!" - Jodi

"I don’t love ILARY, I am obsessed with it!" - Jaime

"I love this scent! I get compliments every time I wear it. Please make a scented body cream!" - Chantel

"The fragrance is heaven in a bottle!" - Connie

"I wear it because everyone always tells me how awesome I smell! I wont leave home without it" - Amy

"Oh I love ILARY because the smell is so intoxicating and whenever I wear it, I ALWAYS get compliments! People are like, what are you wearing??!! You smell great! :) and it lasts ALL day!! xo" - Lucia

"Anytime, anywhere ILARY is the scent to wear. Any season this smell is delicious. You will get stopped by many and they will want to know how you smell so good. Just's the best, it's ILARY!!! Best gift of the season. xo" - Lisa

"Such a unique and discreet scent in the world of extra with the best note - Jasmine!" - Tory

"I was never a perfume person until discovering ILARY. It's perfection" - Shannon

"When I wear ILARY, I don't feel like I'm wearing fragrance, I just feel like I smell amazing" - Overdressed and Running Late

"It brings me back to the first time I smelled it - a vacation in East Hampton, a perfect day, happiness in a bottle" - Ellen

"A perfect and distinctive scent worn across the world for two sisters - one in Seattle, the other one in Tokyo" - Chako

"Favorite flower in my yard" 

"I have never seen such a respone to anything I am wearing. clothing etc...It's actually crazy the amount of compliments etc..I get. You have a winning product!" - Jaimee 


Let customers speak for us

48 reviews
Perfect scent and perfect customer service

Prior to the pandemic I worked at a boutique for 4 years where Ilary was sold and instantly loved it. I've gotten sooo many compliments on it! I wore it all the time, customers loved it and I sold bottle after bottle. When that job ended last March I stocked up on this before the store closed. I finally ran out and I saw that Ilary was having a sale. I received my bottle quickly. However, due to a tiny crack on the plastic top where the roller ball is held, a good amount leaked out. I contacted customer service and was told that a new one would be sent out right away. The rep asked for some pictures and a week later I received my new bottle in perfect condition. I can't say enough good things about this scent and company. They clearly care about their product and customers. Will happily be purchasing again :)

Ilary Perfume .35 fl oz.

Smells heavenly

Such a lovely scent, my husband loves when I wear it. It doesn’t smell like anything I’ve ever worn. Feels like I have my own personalized fragrance that no one else has. Very unique!

Found my scent for life!

Thank you I love it, and hope you never stop making it because it is officially my signature scent!

I bought this perfume for my mom as a Christmas gift. A few years ago her friend was wearing this perfume and after about the third time that my mom complimented her friend on the scent, the friend just gave her the rest of the bottle! (There are kind people out there!!) She has just run out and this was the only thing on her Christmas list. It smells incredible! And Hillary was very helpful with some shipping requests I had as well.